GLOBAL ACTION DAYS 2015 (part 2)

For our actions for sustainability and climate change we decited that pupils should experience our local countryside and forest. So D', E' and F' classes visited St George hill forest to do programmed actions. We separαted in 3 groups for the first part. 

D' class: "Little cavemen" project. They visited the Cave and learn about the prehistorical findings there and also the microclimate and the possible therapeutic qualities of the atmosphere in the cave.

E' class: "Redhood won't get lost in the forest" project. And she won't get lost because she can sense the forest. The pupils followed an environmetal path where they had the opportunity to experience the forest through their senses, to feel the microclimate of the forest and learn why and how it differs from the city climat.

F' class: "When the wolf is here...". They learned and practiced methods of orienteering, they made their own shelter in the woods in teams, following rules of survival that they learned previously and a map to find it from the meeting point.

For the 2nd part, all groups gathered at the meeting point to have a pic nic and watch the dramatization of common fairytales about forests and nature. The F graders prepared (in groups) and presented the fairytales in their own adaptation and it was very entertaining and creative.

The weather was perfect and we all enjoyed very much our excursion!!